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  OUR SERVICES: ACSM Health Fitness Instructor

Benefits of ACSM Credentialing

ACSM credentials are recognized as the Gold Standard throughout the United States and around the world. By obtaining an ACSM certification, your client knows that you have passed the most rigorous and up-to-date health/fitness and clinical certification(s) that exist. There are many benefits to being ACSM certified/registered.

  • Clients prefer ACSM certified/registered instructors because this ensures a higher standard of knowledge and better and safer services.
  • An ACSM credentialed individual is capable of working with both apparently healthy clients and clients with chronic diseases and disabilities.
  • ACSM credentials offer a quality of care that today's society demands.



Dr. Sherry L. Bresnahan
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Animal Chiropractor, AVCA Certified

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